Ekate Handmade Jewelry

Give $100 or more and receive a handmade pendant and chain by Ekate at the Golden Rule. (ALL OUT!)

Work with the talented Erin Kate to create a personalized vintage map pendant and sterling silver chain. It is sweet to keep the places we hold dear close to our hearts and what better way than with a beautiful necklace. Visit Ekate's Etsy shop online or if you live in Minnesota, visit her at the Golden Rule in Excelsior.

How we know the artist:

Joanna's connection with Erin goes back to before either of them were born! Erin's grandparents looked after Joanna's parents when they first moved to Minnesota back in the 70's. Our families have been connected on and off for a number of decades now! When Erin started to make jewelry in 2010, she became Tom's first call for all for every birthday, christmas and anniversary present for Joanna. She is truly talented and an artist to be admired!

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