3 Album Singer-Songwriter Bundle

Give $75 or more and get a bundle of great music delivered to you in the mail! (Limit: 30)

The Collection by Sara Groves

A two CD compilation of Sara's best loved songs, including one of our favorites 'When the Saints'. We have covered this song a few times and it took me a few months to be able to sing it with out turning into a balling mess! She is brilliant!

10,000 Miles by Jenny & Tyler

This amazing 20 song live album will blow you away! This album was recorded all over the span of one very long tour season where the band travelled over 10,000 miles! We love Jenny & Tyler in our house, but hearing them live is quite the best thing ever!

I Dream of You by JJ Heller

A sweet collection of lullabies sure to make any child—or adult for that matter—find peace and rest before drifting to sleep. She has a lovely voice and a beautiful heart. The Appel Boys LOVE JJ Heller and have been known to cover some of her songs frequently while riding their bikes. ;)

How we know the artists:

It's amazing what Kingdom-minded generous people will do! Jenny of Jenny & Tyler just happens to be Tom's little sister. Through Jenny, Joanna was able to briefly meet JJ Heller, who is simply amazing. Sara Groves is a close friend of Jenny's as well as they have been out on tour together several times, but we have never met. Just like I said, all generous lovely people!

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