'Autumn Splendor' Print by Gary Shockley

Give $300 or more receive a framed, limited-edition print of the award-winning painting 'Autumn Splendor' by Gary Shockley (Limit: 1)

This is a signed, limited-edition, giclee print of an original oil painting which won the Natural View Juried Art Show Award in 2015. Framed and matted. Frame: 19" x  22"

Gary Shockley is a church planter, coach and artist. His latest artistic venture is in beautiful and moving sand artistry performances. Check out his website to learn more! www.garyshockley.wordpress.com

How we know the artist:

Joanna used to work for Gary at Discipleship Ministries, an agency of the United Methodist Church. Based in Nashville, TN, Gary was the executive Director of the New Church Starts for the denomination and it was Joanna's job make him sign stacks of paper, book his plane tickets and screen his calls. Gary and his wife, Kim are lovely welcoming folks-y folks who love Jesus and are currently based in Gastonia, NC.

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