Care for Eli

Hello Friends,

On Wednesday, Eli fell from high in a tree and broke his leg. We are so grateful for all the prayers and outpouring of love from all over the world that has come for our brave son and little family. Thank you for every prayer and offer of help - it is very kind of you!


Cards and Care Packages

We have had several kind offers to send something to help Eli’s stay in hospital and two-month in cast recovery process and I thought I would send out a few ideas on the blog and then I can direct people here.

Things to Send

Eli loves maps and learning about the world. If you would like to send a post card from where you live or information about a state you live in, a map, or book that has something to do with you location - he would love that.

He likes goldfish crackers (which are only available in the states!) mint chocolate, raspberries and blueberries, milk duds, and because he is missing thanksgiving, we will be making pumpkin pie when he gets out, so if you wanted to send a can of pumpkin, I can make him a thanksgiving pie! I bet he would like reeces peanut butter cups because he likes peanut butter.

He also loves the greatest showman, the color green, and zebras. Also, he is going to be missing some of the Christmas season by being stuck in bed in this one room. You could send some fun christmassy things to put up on the wall or decorate his room somehow. That’s all I can think of now!

Our Address:

The Appels or Eleazar Appel
7ter Rue du Bac du Port
14970 Bénouville


I know it has only been two days and we still have a long road ahead. There isn’t much change as he can’t really move. He is managing to sleep and eat so that is really good. Either Tom or I are with him at the hospital at all times. He still has a lot of pain with any movement or nudge of his bed. We have had some amazing provision from our community here in Caen and friends in France and England offering to come and help us. We are very grateful and are still trying to figure out what all that looks like.

Prayer points:

  • Pray for quick healing of Eli’s bone so we can be sure to be home by Christmas!

  • Pray for strength for Tom and I while we navigate this thing!

  • Pray for our French to come quickly and for us to be able to understand what is happening and effectively advocate for Eli.

  • Pray fro Reuben, Silas, and Elodie for peace and understanding as they also feel the effects of Eli being away from home, and Tom and I not being in the same place.

  • Pray for thanksgiving! - We have decided to keep our thanksgiving celebration at our house this Sunday. We have chosen to lean into community, vulnerability, and celebrating God’s faithfulness with our new friends. Our church is helping tremendously to pull it off and we are just going to be those people who invite you over and then make you do things to help- hahaha.

Thank you again for being with us, holding Eli and our family up in prayer. We are grateful for you!

Much love,

Tom and Joanna