Because of You, We are Here!

The weather has shifted here in Massy to the autumn, with its cooler breezes and falling leaves. We are excited to be celebrating 6 Months in France (Woohoo!) and we are so grateful for all of you who, through your prayers, giving and support have gotten us to this place and helped us live and thrive here. We have made a short video with the whole family to show our thanks, give you a taste of our town, and talk about what is next for us. Please watch and share!

Points for Prayer:

Refugees in Caen:

Over the summer we visited Caen with our Bless Network friends and we spent some time with some south sudanese refugees who they have been serving. There were about 80 young men living in an abandoned warehouse which was burned down last week. This has displaced many of these men and made it difficult for our friends to find them and help them. Please pray for the refugees to find shelter, food and water. And for the Bless network as they work to help these guys who have lost the very little they were able to bring with them.

Language Acquisition:

We are all in school and things are going well! Our classes are keeping us busy and we are definitely improving in our French! The schedule is quite rigorous though, pray for strength and rest as we continue our season of learning.


We continue to struggle with health, too many days we find ourselves wondering whether someone is well enough to go to school. The trouble is when one kid is sick, Tom or Joanna have to stay home and miss school. I know many families struggle with wellness when their kids are in school, but we are asking for prayer all the same! Especially Eli seems to be sick a lot and since our experience in the hospital, we are reluctant to push him too hard when he is unwell. Prayers would be so appreciated!


We love and miss you all! Please be sure to watch our video! We are grateful for you!


The Appels

Tom, Joanna, Reuben, Eli, Silas, and Elodie