Pancakes, Festivals and First Steps!


Dear Friends,

We returned to France a month ago and we find ourselves already ramping up for an abundant season here in Caen! To be honest though...

Jet lag hit us like a pie in the face. Only it was not funny or delicious.

For the first week or so after we landed back in Nashville none of us slept well. Elodie in particular took to waking up and playing in the hall during the night. Relatedly, we learned that it is difficult explaining time zones to a two year old. In French, jet lag is called 'décalage horaire' which sounds an awful lot like 'décollage horaire' which could be literally rendered: “the ungluing of time”. Yes…it feels like that.

We had an amazing time in the States and we have lots to tell you about/ask you to pray with us about here in France. So, what follows should be something like a scrapbook/update/prayer request!

Hold on to your hats folks, here we go!

America, the Beautiful

A beautiful thing indeed to be with so many of you lovely people. We had the chance to see lots of family and friends and this was sooooo good! Thank you to all of you who squeezed us in for breakfasts, late night teas, and conversations before and after church. We also took the time to have some American experiences - including some bonfires with s’mores, pancakes and a baseball game.

We loved our time at our home church, The Gate Community Church in Nashville, thanks so much for your warm welcome and care. It was great to make new friends too. Something rather humbling and moving happened more than once at the Gate. People who we didn’t yet know came up to meet us and let us know they have been praying for us - amazing!

We were encouraged as we shared stories of all that God is working here in France and saw our joy and excitement reflected in your eyes. We’ve said again and again that this work is not something we can do alone and we were reminded afresh of how much support we have. Thank you.

Eli is walking!

You can’t trust everything you see on facebook these days, but yes, it is true - Eli has started walking without assistance! This is huge answered prayer. While there is still a long road ahead to complete healing, we are thrilled with his progress. Along with Reuben and Silas, Eli is back at school pretty much full days with a couple of physical therapy sessions each week. (At school, at least for now, Eli is still in a wheelchair) Thank you for continuing to pray with us for healing.

We’ve been parents for 7 years

In some professions it would be about time for a sabbatical… We celebrated the twins 7th birthday in style the weekend after arriving back home in France with 14 french kids and many of their parents. Along with cake, presents and “Happy Birthday” in two languages, we also played a game involving cheese balls that our French neighbors found amusing. The party was great and we are so thankful that we are becoming better friends with many of our neighbors. Please pray for these wonderful people with us.



At the end of this month we’re heading down to the L’Orangerie de Beauregard, à campsite owned by our friends the Rockes for ‘Blesstival’ the annual gathering of the Bless Network. This is à time to share and celebrate all that God is working across France and more widely in Europe, to pray for each other and to seek vision for the year to come. We are thrilled to be directing the worship for this event and perhaps even more thrilled that our good friends and long time sojourners, the Irwins, will be joining us to help with the sung worship. Please pray for deep moments with God and good times of community.

Prayer Room in Caen

For some time now we’ve been praying about a venue in Caen in which to gather as church. While the long term vision is a big warehouse on the Presqu’ile where we can serve refugees and host church gatherings, we have been feeling more and more like we need a space to gather and a prayer/worship rooms seems right. To that end we have been prayer walking the city and have found a property for rent that would suit us well. We are in the application stage now so please do pray for favor from the owner and a smooth administrative process.


Additional ;) Upcoming Prayer Needs:

  • Art Exposition this weekend! - Joanna is going to be a part of an art exposition in our village. It is a great way to get further connected in our community and share some of Jo’s artwork!

  • House Church Gathering at our home in Bénouville this Sunday

  • Nashville Team to Visit!! - A team from The Gate Church in Nashville is coming in June for a week to pray and minister to our church community and in the city of Caen. More on this to come!

  • Fête de la Musique - on June 21st we have an amazing opportunity to play a little concert at Keys & Co as a part of the national festival of music. This is our first opportunity to minister through music, publicly in the city!

  • Family Rest - We are still feeling rather exhausted from our trip to the USA and jumping right back in to things here in France. Please pray that we can find times to rest even moving into this busy time!


Grateful for You!

Thank you friends for everything! Your prayers and support carry us through and encourage us along the way.