Merry Christmas from the Appels!


Joyeux Noel!

Ho Ho Hellooo! We are feeling very Christ'Massy' around here and wanted to send you a little note for you to read over your eggnog and cookies! This season is often very busy for all of us so we are going to kick off with a short and to-the-point update!


Christmas Update Punch List:

  • Tom and Joanna have completed end of year language exams and are progressing well in learning French.
  • Reuben has a serious girlfriend who has learned how to say “kiss me” in English. Oh La La!
  • Silas has excelled in his tennis class and has won trophies the last few weeks giving him a major boost in his confidence.
  • Eli’s scooter was stolen recently, but thanks to generous partners we were able to replace it. (Our boys are notorious in our building “Les Garcons des Trottinettes")
  • Elodie is starting to speak! She says Mama, Dada, Bubba, All Done, Je t’aime, bye bye, Hi, Au Revoir and a whole lot of babble.
  • Joanna finished her second painting, Mont Saint Michel, with her art association.
  • Tom has made some friends through his volleyball club and with some dads at Silas’ tennis class
  • We are looking forward to finishing our time in Massy early next year and moving to Caen in Normandy to work with the Bless Network. (More to come on this in January!).
  • We have enjoyed celebrating advent together this year and the boys have memorized some verses in French! (Jean 3 v16 et Esaie 9 v1)

Prayer Needs:


This past season has been, in all honesty, too much for us. We are more than worn out and are needing some serious time to decompress. We will be making some much needed changes to our schedules next term. Please pray for wisdom and peace and we seek to rest in Him!


We are constantly battling sickness in this environment. We feel like a broken record asking for prayer for our health but there it is! Please pray that we can stay somewhat healthy in this next season.

Protection from Spiritual Attack:

We know that this battle is not against flesh and blood, and it is evident here to us that the enemy is not happy with our presence in this place. France is  dark country (and not just because we have less than 8 hours of daylight right now!) We pray on the armor everyday and do what we can to fight the daily battle. Please pray for protection and endurance for us and our children.



As we said above, things have been full on and we are a bit behind in preparing our Christmas cards, so whenever you receive them, please consider our correspondence: Happy New Year cards, Happy Valentine’s Day greetings, or simply know that we value you and love the idea that something we have made and written on is in your hands!



With all our love and affection, and warmest wishes from our family to all of you and yours!

Merry Happy Joyeux Noel!


The Appels