Meet the Appels

Bonjour, We are the Appel, Tom and Joanna, Reuben, Eli, Silas and Elodie. 

We (Tom and Joanna) met in college in Nashville, TN. We both have a passion for music and ministry. When we were first married we felt a call to go to the UK, so we bought one way tickets and went! God was incredibly faithful and we ended up staying for five years doing work in the Anglican church. We moved back to the states and had our three sons, Reuben, Eli and Silas, and Tom started to pursue his Masters of Divinity at Bethany Seminary. After a few years working in the secular non-profit world, Tom felt called back into ministry and spent a few years as a youth pastor in Colorado. We felt the call to France in 2015 but we know that God has been preparing us for European missions for a long time. We lived in Texas and Nashville, TN while raising funds to head to France. During this time, we had our fourth child, Elodie. We moved to Massy, France in April 2017 and spent a full year learning French at language school. We moved to Normandie in April 2018 and have begun work with the Bless Network in and around the city of Caen.